Summary review of Jeff Dedrick’s Automated Traffic system

  • Claims to be for: anyone who has started any type of online business, affiliate business or offline business – however, it’s quite workable for newbies as well (see full review for details)
  • Recommended by WorkAtHomeTruth? NO. I had recommended it in May of 2010, but no longer do.
  • Key benefit claimed: provides easy to use tools that make driving extremely targeted traffic to your business or affiliate
  • Secondary benefited : provides a lot of newbie-friendly training that can be used in conjunction with the tools
  • Technical skills required?: Yes. There’s training.
  • Refund period: 60 days – no questions asked.
  • Ease of getting a refund: Extremely easy.
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30 Responses to “Automated Traffic review”

John Duncan May 12, 2010

Hi Paul,

As always, you absolutely rock !
Thanks much for ALWAYS keeping your subscribers up on what’s “real” and what’s “real bad”.


John Duncan

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010

Thanks, John

I appreciate it.

Phillip Jerdon May 13, 2010

Hey Paul,

Thanks for this. Do you think this would fit in with what I’m doing offline (you know what I’m talking about). :)

Terry May 13, 2010

Paul, Just read your review on automated traffic. I am just now getting started with niche blitzkrieg and I have not got a website started yet. I am a newbee and things are going a little slow. Do you think this program would benefit someone like me or should I wait until I get things moving along a little more? Thanks!!!!!!

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010


That’s a tough call, but I would lean towards focusing on what you’re already doing. I think Automated Traffic is definitely a great compliment to Niche Blitzkrieg and I highly recommend you take a look at it again when you are a little further along.

However, I know that most of us can get easily distracted.

One thing I should have mentioned that I’ll mention here is there is an upsell for a lead generation system which I recommend you and others pass on. For most people that would be a major distraction.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010


Yes, this definitely could fit in with what you’re doing offline. In fact you might be one of the exceptions to the caution I gave about the upsell just now to Terry.

For you, that could actually be extremely useful. But even without that, these systems fit in quite well with what you’re doing.

garden gal May 13, 2010

hi Paul,
I am also in Terry’s camp. Learning NBK. What if I bought Jeff’s system now and got to it later… at least it would lock in the price.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010

Garden gal,

That would be fine. The main thing is to not let yourself get too distracted while you are learning the fundamentals in NBK.

garden gal May 13, 2010

thanks, Paul, you are the most trustworthy person on the internet!

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010

Thanks, Garden Gal.

peter May 13, 2010

PAUL, YOU DE MAN!!! i was gonna ask the NBK distraction question as im already doing NBK, BUT!! as usual you already have it covered. Im sure im not the only one who would love to throw a big party with you as guest of honour for all your help and advice. it so so releiving to have an online guardian angel like you to help us all keep track of the never ending info out there. you are the sole reason i have been able to finally get started online.

molsenrice May 13, 2010

Thanks for the review, Paul. After reading through some of the ‘Automated Traffic’ website info, I’m a little confused. It sounds like with the basic system, you received 5 tools…then when I click the ‘Add to your Cart’ to see the cost, I get….”$67 today and $37 per month before you raise your price”. Are the 5 tools $67? If so, what is the $37 a month for…and if it’s for a ‘Automated Traffic membership site/forum’ of some sort, is it optional? Like some others already mentioned, I’m just started up with NBK and am even considering the NBK underground membership ($27/month). But, grabing the Automated Traffic tools at a good price was crossing my mind too…but I certainly don’t want to pay $37/month for a membership I wouldn’t even use until I’d been up and running with the NBK system for awhile. Anyway, just wondering if you could shed some light on these costs…thanks.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010


It’s a monthly membership which means you have to stay subscribed to keep access to the tools and you get additional tools every month. So, the $37/month isn’t optional. Good question though – I can see how that would be confusing.

However I just noticed that it says it goes for 11 months – which to me means that there are no more fees after those 11 months are up. I am going to clarify that.

I wish I really knew what was going to happen to the price, because it seems like half the time the price never increases. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict what will happen. On the other hand – when I went through the upsell I hit the “No thanks” button assuming that I’d be offered a discount and I wasn’t.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010

OK, I may be wrong about that. I am still checking into it.

It may very well be that you keep access to the tools for any month you have paid for even if you cancel.

Please wait on me to clarify that before making a decision.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 13, 2010

OK, here’s the correct answer about how the membership fees work. This is the reply I got from their support:

“Hi Paul,

Thank you for your inquiry.

After the 11 months you will n longer be charged
the monthly fee.

You will always have access.

However, if you cancel 3 months into the program
you will not have access to the three months you
paid for.

Hope this helps. :)

Best regards,
Kersten Priewe
Office of Jeff Dedrick”

Phillip Jerdon May 15, 2010

Hey Paul,

As you recommended the upsell for me, how much is it?

Donna May 15, 2010

Hi Paul, thanks for the info. I to I just started with the NBK and I love it, I started based on your review of them. I was going to ask you the question as to whether or not this new product was a good ft with NBK, but several people beat me to it so I have my answer. Once I get comfortable with NBK, I’ll try them out. Again thanks. The last time I wrote to you I didn’t see my comment, so I hope this one goes through.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 15, 2010


The upsell I’m talking about is a one-time fee of $97, but I want to talk to Rob as that may be something that would make sense to share as it’s a way to get leads that could work for a lot of people – and it would be way too many leads for one person.

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 15, 2010

Hi Donna,

I must have missed your other comment.

Again, the main thing is to not allow yourself to get distracted with too much information at once.

Dawn Johnson May 17, 2010

Hi Paul, thanks for all of your information, really appreciate it. I went to the website for the automated traffic program and read up on it and I wanted to ask you if you think it will work for someone who is a “newbie”, not learning NBK or any other affiliate system. It sounds like you need no experience, website or products, which all describe me. I have been thinking about trying out NBK, just still not sure, wasted so much money on so many things already, so if this automated traffic program can do the same thing quicker, do I need something else also?

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 17, 2010


Yes, you could start with it as a newbie, however I would strongly suggest you start with Niche Blitzkrieg as it’s MUCH more focused training which means:

1) If you get stuck it’s usually easier to get unstuck quickly through asking for support in the forum – as many people will have likely hit the same problem.

2) You have much less chance of getting distracted. Other than just plain-out bad training, I think this is the biggest problem for a newbie – trying too many things at once.

Automated Traffic definitely gives a lot of bang for the buck, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for a newbie at this point. I would wait until you have some more basic training under your belt.

There is a 14 day trial for Automated Traffic being offered at if you still want to check it out.

Dawn May 18, 2010

Hi Paul.

Thanks so much for your prompt response to a previous question.

I want to ask if you have any knowledge of Bill Bartmann’s buying bad loans system?

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 18, 2010

Hi Dawn,

I know who he is, but I don’t know much about his information. From discussions I’ve followed in forums of people who have attended his workshops it seems that most people have said his information is expensive but very good.

Apparently there are a lot of expensive upsells after the initial low-cost workshop.

I believe these are the prices:
a 2-day workshop for $3,000
a 5-day workshop for $10,000

I had seen somewhere there was even a $100,000 upsell, but I haven’t verified that.

Changis June 2, 2010

Hi Paul,
Can you mention any of the recommended traffic techniques in the Blitzkrieg training?
Is Article Marketing the only one being recommended or are there other tactics to get traffic FAST to the Niche sites?
Also does Blitzkrieg provide any “Niche of the month” type of service?

By the way this is my first visit to your Blog and am impressed by it.
I signed up for the Newsletter too. Look forward to receiving it regularly.

Thank you very much.
Best wishes,

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth June 2, 2010

Hi Changis,

Michael shows you how to get organic search engine rankings for the niche sites – on page optimization and link-building through article marketing, directory submissions, rss submissions, etc – however what really sets Niche Blitzkrieg apart from most other courses is the tremendous level of support and full forum access people get for a low one-time fee. It is VERY newbie-friendly. And the sites are easy to build.

Once you’re in Niche Blitzkrieg, you do have the option to join Niche Blitzkrieg Underground which goes into more traffic strategies and also includes a pdf of niches each week with an explanation from Michael about how he would go about profiting from them.

Gerin June 22, 2010

Hi Paul!
Okay, I purchased Automated Traffic and have been putting some of the tools to use with a couple of different new blogs. Last Fall I went through Affiliate Money Revolution. I think that just doing that has helped me to understand Automated Traffic easier. To the point, I realize that getting ranked with a new blog or website can take quite some time and a lot of different factors can influence that. That being said, after applying these tools that are supposed to help you rank “very quickly”, do these tools really do that? I’m using the keyword and SEO tools and haven’t seen any progress. Does Automated Traffic really speed up this process? Thanks for your input!

Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth June 23, 2010


I actually haven’t been using the tools specifically for ranking purposes other than the Yahoo answers tool.

I use the Keyword’s Generators a bit differently than they talk about in the video. I use the results for tags on posts that are already indexed. I know Michael teaches uses pages on WordPress blogs, but I suggest you add posts in as well to make it easy to get tags in as well.

There is a plugin I found recently to allow tags on pages which would work as well – so if you want to know that let me know.

But I’ve seen significant traffic from tags when you ADD them all together and they can be added so fast.

So let’s say you have a niche site where one of your pages is about a specific product. I would use the buyers keyword generator to generate more keywords – and then I would add those into your posts/pages as tags.

There’s no hard and fast rule about the number of tags you can add, but my rule of thumb is that the longer the page/post the more tags I add. For the Niche Blitzkrieg type content I would go with around 12.

So that means that if you have more tags than that you need additional content either on the same page or additional pages.

Also, if you are not using the automated Ads Elite I HIGHLY recommend you do so. However, I would recommend you not use the preselected banners. However, I also realize that sometimes products you promote on your sites won’t have premade banners.

My results have shown that the banners at the END of the post work MUCH better than the 4-Square of 125×125.

I don’t know how many sites your running, but if you are running quite a few niche sites, using Automated Ads Elite will not only optimize your Clickthru rates, but also provide you with a lot more sanity.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems that it only provides functionality for one banner on a site at a time. I’m going to write to support about that and see if that’s correct or if I’m missing something.
Having used OpenX to manage banners across sites before – for someone who isn’t technical (as far as setting things up goes), the Automated Ads system is MUCH simpler.

I haven’t tested the Blogger software as frankly I’m a little gunshy about blogger because I’ve heard quite a few stories of people getting their blogs terminated without any good explanation – but it could be that blogger just has an algorithm that checks for certain niches that tend to be more spammy (Squidoo does the same thing with their lenses) and if you are outside of those niches you’re fine.

I’ll test it for some other niches I’ve been researching and launched regular wordpress blogs in recently and let you know how it goes.

The one tool I haven’t used yet that I really should be making more use of is the viral survey generator for a couple reasons:

1) It’s an easy way to walk people through an assisted decision process on pages where you are targeting a non-product specific term.
2) I can see the potential of the linking technique – I haven’t quite wrapped my head around it yet, so I’ll have to post back again after I’ve run a few tests.

Again with the typo generator tool – I think it’s best use to add additional tags. I did learn some interested new information from their video (especially about the spanish keyword) – but I think the process they suggest for buying typo domains is not predictable enough to justify the expense of buying a domain for it.

One tip about using typos in your tags – try using primarily the ones that have ALREADY been registered by people (which the typo tool will show you). The reason is because if someone has already registered the typo there’s a good chance that they’ve already looked into the traffic potential for the domain. There’s another typo tool I use in the $18/month version of DomainTools that I like a bit better because you can pretty much tell if the registrant is a large domain buyer – but the one in AutomatedTraffic at least does show you if the typo domain is already registered which is fine considering how quickly and easily you can add tags.

I think the bottom line is that if you are using the current tools primarily for ranking purposes I’m not sure if they really are the best set of traffic tools for you at this point. To me they are more useful for generating additional traffic in addition to SEO traffic and optimizing that traffic.

That being said, there are going to be A LOT of tools coming over the next 12 months, including the article to video converter which certainly will make it easy to reuse article content in video format to push out to video sites for additional traffic and back links.

Tas April 30, 2011

Okay, so it’s been 11 months since your last update and I’m wondering how you like ‘automated traffic’.

I’ve spent quite a while getting to know the IM lingo, I’ve got Micro Niche Finder, I’ve learned how to write decently.

I have a blog, I’ve decided to bypass ezinearticles (where the big deal seems to be backlinks), and Helium (where they own your content for a year, so it’s unusable for multiple placement) and use Hubpages as my platform (Where it’s monetized in adsense for you, there is a nice community, and someone can see all you’ve written in one place, also, there are nice interlinking possibilities).

I still haven’t gotten a handle on … traffic. No sales yet. Traffic not high enough yet. (I’m not even far enough along for aweber yet.)

Do you think this would be the best option for a mid-level newbie?

I want free traffic, no PPC, video marketing is for the future, I haven’t figured out how to work ‘movie maker’ yet, (but know the basic tips once I get it on youtube).
Done a little yahoo answers for forum marketing, I don’t mind writing part-time (I’m slow, but writing is kinda enjoyable, however, I’m no 10 article a day girl), I would put in the work for something that actually works.

So, do you think this would be my best option for traffic?


Paul - Founder Work At Home Truth May 26, 2011

Tas, sorry I missed this. This would be OK for you, but I think you’re better bet for where you are is to start with some free resources such as SeoMoz’s Beginners Guide to Seo & FastStartSeo.com. Start there and when you’ve gone through one of those let me know and I’ll point you to more resources.

Bolt Assessoria June 29, 2011

Thanks very much Paul, we are a new SEO company from Brazil and it helped us a lot! Regards.

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